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Utilit-e Insight

"When our auditors were here last month they were very impressed with the response time from PCS regarding questions, report changes, etc. The auditors made it a point to ask who our software suppliers were because of the great service. You guys are awesome!"Valerie J. CovelManager of Administration & Finance Cordova Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Utilit-e Insight is a powerful accounting and financial information management solution written specifically for the utility industry. PCS has used its years of experience working with utility partners to create Utilit-e Insight. Utilit-e Insight brings a new dimension to fund accounting and activity based cost accounting where transactions are integrated throughout the modules and entries are automatically posted where appropriate, forcing funds to be balanced. The Insight multi-company, multi-fund capabilities offer the ability to expand as utilities enter new businesses and the ability to adapt to the continually changing environment of the utility industry.

Utilit-e Insight is a total Microsoft© solution using Microsoft© SQL Server as its database. The program is written in Microsoft©.NET and uses Crystal Reports (a Microsoft© solutions partner). It is designed to run on systems using Microsoft© Windows operating system. This Microsoft© strategy allows PCS the ability to offer unparalleled strength in information access, application functionality, as well as many other Microsoft© Windows features expected in a solution for today. This technology approach enables PCS the ability to deliver a high level of integration with Microsoft© Office including Microsoft© Excel, Microsoft© Word, and Microsoft© Access.


Key Insight Modules include:

  • Accounts Payable (AP) - Provides the tools a utility requires to accurately track information relating to vendors and when invoices are due for payment.
  • Accounts Receivable (AR) - Primarily prepares invoices and statements to customers and accepts their payments intended for non-energy receivables, such as the sale of inventory, insurance charges to directors, property damage charges, and home wiring work.
  • Cash Manager (CM) - Provides strong cash management capabilities and is the cash subsidiary ledger.
  • Fixed Assets (FA) - Intended for non-utility plant assets, such as office furniture, office equipment, trucks, and buildings. The main functions of the Fixed Assets module are to keep a record of this information, calculate depreciation, and calculate depreciation of utility plant.
  • General Ledger (GL) - Core module in Insight with the ability to enter one-time journal entries, recurring journal entries, as well as produce financial statements.
  • Global Information (GN) - Establishes the structure for Insight including the chart of accounts, policies, and the relationship between the Fund, the Sector, and the General Ledger.
  • Inventory (IN) - Tracks the receipt and issuance of inventory from a warehouse or multiple warehouses.
  • Payroll (PR) - Comprehensive and flexible labor and payroll application, which supports a wide variety of earning types, deductions, benefits, taxes, and employer-paid expenses.
  • Plant Accounts (PA) - Tracks utility plant assets, such as poles, wires, meters, and pipes. Plant Accounts is designed to follow the Rural Utilities Service (RUS) Continuing Property Record (CPR) system.
  • Capital Credits (CC) - This module tracks information relating to the member including: allocation records, general, estates, and early retirements.
  • Point of Sale (PS) - Future module.
  • Project Costing (PC) - Structure for an activity-based costing system.
  • Purchasing (PO) - Handles the ordering and receipt of both inventory and non-inventory items. Price quotes can be generated, with the ability to turn an accepted quote into a purchase order.
  • Transportation (TR) - Tracks expenses and usage to vehicles, with the ability to allocate those expenses from a clearing account to the General Ledger, Work Orders, and Projects where the vehicles were used.
  • Unclaimed Property (UP) - This module provides efficient and automated handling of unclaimed payments.
  • Work Orders (WO) - Follows the RUS Work Order procedure system. Work Orders are intended for those jobs that create or retire capitalized plant assets, such as poles and wire.
  • Insight Reports - Insight provides a variety of standard reports with each module. All PCS reports are created with the award winning Crystal Reports software. Crystal Reports provides powerful reporting, query, data mining, and application integration abilities. With Insight reports, the user can define customized report select criteria, and subsequently save these parameters. Later, the report can be selected using the saved select combination. Crystal Reports capabilities are useful by both the novice user and report developer.