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What would your utility do in the event of a disaster?

Would you be ready?

Because of the connectivity the VPN connection provides PCS clients, PCS has been able to offer additional services to their existing clients. One of these services is called Disaster Recovery Backup Service. PCS offers its clients peace of mind that their PCS data and PCS applications could be back up and running in just 48 hours or less in the case of a natural disaster such as a flood, storm, fire, tornado or other event.

Disaster Recovery Backup Service

Disaster Recovery Backup Services is offered only to PCS clients. PCS Applications, Databases and user files are captured at the client site, compressed and transmitted to PCS via the Internet. Backups are stored at PCS until a scheduled testing date. Once tested, the databases are stored until the next verification period. This makes for a quick turn around to get business back to normal in the least amount of time.

Disaster Recovery Services

PCS will reserve space in their Utilit-e Central hosting center for the client until the time the client needs to activate the service. (Client is required to have PCS Disaster Recovery Backup Services to utilize this service.) System Backups that were made as part of the Disaster Recovery Backup Service will be restored into Utilit-e Central and setup for client access during the emergency period. Should a disaster occur, PCS has a server waiting with the application and data. The utility could access this through a VPN connection and virtually run their billing and accounting from another location away from the disaster site with just an Internet access. This allows the utility to begin recovery and could still have the billing statements go out on time or in a minimum amount of time from the time the disaster occurred.

For more information on Disaster Recovery, Contact Joe Popham- ITS Manager at joep@pcsco.com.

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